Module 2

How you earn?



Understand if your current methods of earning are connected to who you are as an individual holistically.

Watch this video first and then complete the exercise for Module 2.

Answer the following questions:

1. When have you been most committed?

2. When have you been most passionate?

3. When have you been most enthusiastic?

4. When  have you been most creative?

5. When have you been most sure of yourself?

6. What do you consider to be your greatest accompolishment?

7. When have other people considered you to be most successful?

8. When have you enjoyed your work the most?

9. What talents were you relying on and using in these situations?

10. For what would you take a very strong stand?

11. What about the world puzzles or disturbs you that you could make an impact on?

12. What jobs do you like to do at work when you have a choice?

13. What jobs do you not like to do?

14. What activities are you drawn towards out of work?

15. If money were no concern, what would you be doing?

16. Based on the previous questions, make a list of your top 10 talents or skills. Then break the list up into three groups - a top group, a middle group and a bottom group. Then for the top group, break this down into a top one, two and three talent.

17. Write the top 3 talents down in a triangle form and link them together. Your ideal employment should involve the use of these top three talents.

18. Take the Jung's Typology Test here. Record your score for the 4 personality types.

19. Based off of all the questions you have answered so far, write a statment on "Who am I?"

20. Use all of this information now completed from the questions above to brainstorm on 20 potential jobs that match your personality, interests, skills and goals. Narrow these jobs down to 10, then to 5, then to a top 3.