Mentorship Program


10 Commandments

of The

Wise Wealth Builder

Commandment 1

As a man thinketh, so shall it be!

Your greatest secret to building wealth is your MIND and your MINDSET! In order to attract wealth, you have to have a mindset that has only space for positive acquisition of that which you are trying to attract. What does a mindset like this look like? It is a mindset that knows that prosperity and abundance is their right and not something that is for the privelege few! It is a mindset that rejects inaction, pessimism and procrastination and only seeks to promote positivity, perservance and progress!

Commandment 2

Take Action Today!

There is an old saying that goes 'nothing ventured, nothing gained!' You have adopted a mindset that embraces prosperity and abundance and are committed to the core values of positivity, preserverance and progress - now you must TAKE ACTION! Start by making sure that EVERY DAY you do at least one thing that will promote progress towards your goals! In regards to building wealth, your primary guide should be the 5 simple steps of the Wealth Building Cycle. If your actions do not fit in with the steps of the Wealth Building Cycle than they will not promote wealth in your life!

Commandment 3

Know Your Purpose,

Live Your Passion!

A rudderless ship has no direction! It is your purpose that will help guide your entrepreneurial spirit towards financial freedom and it is your passion that will motivate you to achieve it. Take the time to self-analyse and self-audit so you can understand what are the underlying values that make you happy and that drive you. Then visualise and actualise through concrete and practical actions towards manifesting these visions into your own reality. A key tool for this purpose self-analysis is found in your free +Wealth Toolkit. 

Commandment 4


Commandment 4


The key rule is to remember this adage - 'wealth is silent, rich is loud and poor is flashy!' In order to progress towards financial freedom through building wealth, it is essential to simplify your life as much as possible. Do you ever notice that the world's wealthiest people are often the least ostentatious! In fact, the mega-wealthy are so frugal and simple in their lifestyle that you probably would not know they were billionaires if you met them! Why? Because they know that every dollar spent is one less dollar that is going towards their own wealth! Now this does not mean living like a pauper but what it does mean is living within your means and knowing that the more wealth you are able to build, the more 'less simple' your life needs to be!

Commandment 5

The Super Power Of Delayed Gratification

This is one of the most powerful abilities of the wise wealth builder! The ability to recognise that by sacrificing today, they will be able to have the things they want tomorrow. Building wealth is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a long-term process by which you carry out the 5 steps of the Wealth Building Cycle consistently, knowing that each time you complete one step, you are closer to your ultimate goal of financial freedom! While the things you may want now look good, the reality is that if you do not have the means to obtain them without the use of debt or spending, you will inevitably reduce your wealth accumulation resources. 

Commandment 6

Live Your Best Life NOW!

Wait! I know what you are saying! Isn't this contradictory to the last commandment of delayed gratification? Well at first it might seem to be but the reality is that if you are not living your best life, you will not be completely happy! Yes, you need to simplify. Yes, you need to live within your means! But you also have a deep internal need to enjoy life and you need to do this by all means necessary! Why? Because life is not guaranteed to anyone - not one single day! Now while living your best life may be your objective, with a mindset of prosperity, abundance and wise wealth building, you will realise that all that glitters is not really gold! The things you thought were required to live your best life all of sudden do not seem as attractive as they once were because you know now that every material thing that you spend on means less towards your wealth bank. Rather, it now becomes about quality over quantity, including not just the things you buy but also the people you choose to spend time with.

Commandment 7

Entrepreneurship Over Employment

Remember, the core reason for building wealth is not just so you can have money and be comfortable. It is not even so you can be rich and live lavishly. The real benefit to wealth is to allow you to be FREE! Free to live your best life and pursue your purpose and passion so your mission in life is completed. A quick look at the list of the world's wealthiest people reveals one simple fact - they are ALL entrepreneurs! Every single one! How do we reach this state of total freedom - through entrepreneurship based on passive income that is both high ticket and automated. This is what I call the 'entrepreneurial sweet spot!' (See Commandment 9) As an employee, you will never have the level of freedom you will need to be totally free. Of course, there is risk to being an entrepreneur but nothing ventured, nothing gained as Commandment 2 says! Without risk, there can never be reward!

Commandment 8

Plan, Prepare Then Protect!

At this stage in your wise wealth building journey, you would already made big strides in regards to your planning and preparation. You will have thought deeply about who you are and started to visualise to how you can live your best life towards filling your purpose and passions. Next comes the actualisation step - taking action to put into motion that vision that you see for yourself. While the planning exercise for understanding your purpose and passion may very much be a mental one, there also needs to be a planning exercise in regards to your current state of financial fitness. You must take an honest, forensic look at the state of your finances in order to know exactly where you stand in your journey towards financial freedom. The Financial Freedom Budget Planner on your +Wealth Toolkit will help you to do just this. Once you plan effectively, you can then prepare to implement the 5 steps of the Wealth Building Cycle in your life and very importantly, put in the protection measures needed to ensure your gains in wealth are secure. This includes the use of copyrighting your intellectual property, company formation, contracts, wills and trusts.

Commandment 9

Always Aim For The Entrepreneurial Sweet Spot!

This is the dream of dreams on the pathway to prosperity! Here is how it looks - Learn to Earn --> Passive Income over Active Income --> Automation over Trading (Your) Time for Money --> High Ticket Sales --> High Demand! In other words, the ultimate key towards financial freedom would be having a product or service that customers are eager and willing to pay large amounts for and which said product is delivered automatically without little to no effort by you! For instance, storage facilities, digital courses or products and insurance are all good examples of businesses that utilise this model. In fact, two of the world's current top ten wealthiest people has based their whole business empire on this model of business, namely Bill Gates of Microsoft and Jeff Bezos.

Commandment 10

See Wealth to Be Wealth!

As you may be able to tell, I am found of meaningful sayings! One important one to remember hear is 'we get good at what we practice!' This simply means that the things we do often and put our attention to are those things that we will inevitably become good at. One look around at society will reveal what most people become good at due to lots of interest and practice - being educated in school and university, being an employee, sports, religion, entertainment and who the next music or movie star is. However, how many practise being good at wealth! Anyone who plays sports knows that in order to improve you have to play with people who are better than you. The same goes here. In order to learn to build wealth, you have to be around those who are wealthy.Even going so far as obtaining a mentor would be a great step as they would have already experienced many of the things you would have experienced before. We tend to be the average sum of all of our friends. Try to be honest with yourself and look at who you have in your circle. Are they wealth builders, entrepreneurs and just all around progressive and positive thinkers? If not, then you may have to consider letting them go in order to make real progress towards your goal of financial freedom.